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How to uninstall/re-install new pedals on your bike

We got new pedals for our bikes (road and mountain) and installing them was a real pain in the ass.

Attempt one - regular 15mm wrench

I didn't have a good 15mm wrench, so we went to the bike shop and they had pedal wrenches and regular wrenches - the regular wrench set was on sale so we got that. I think at that point I just got lucky because I got the pedals off of my road bike - great. Then I started working on Nikki's road bike and had no success.

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Simply The Best

Many times people ask me:

"Greg, what is the best {something}?"

Most of the time I have an answer. That's because "I know the stuff". I'm an early adopter. I do research. I just bought a new computer and was asked "how long have you been thinking about this?" well my answer was since I was born.

This section of the site is my collected knowledge on the subject of the "best" in software, technology, and other "stuff". Most of the artiles in it are old, this just provides simpler navigation to find all the nuggets of wisdom.


German Chocolate Caramel Brownies - Really Damn Good

This is a recipe from Mom Kneser.

Greg's Tip: when you add in the chocolate chips and caramel into the middle you can also add bacon. Bacon adds a very subtle flavor and a little crispiness. I recommend using bacon that you have cooked fully - highly crispy bacon. Remember: Bacon makes everything better.


  • 14 oz. light caramels (approx. 34)
  • 1/3 c. evap. milk
  • combine in sauce pan, low heat, melt, set aside


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The Optimist Effect OR Shit Rolls Downhill Sunlight Shines Up

So, I was reading this internal memo from SGI about some problems they had with a new release of software that was slower and had all sorts of problems.

There's some great insight in it, though it is long. Then I got to this part:

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Denver (all Colorado) Drupal User Group

If you are a Drupal user or developer in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or maybe Durango you should consider joining up with the Groups.Drupal.Org group site for Denver. The group really covers more of Colorado than just Denver, but Denver is likely to be the home for many of the meetings.

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