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Fun Streets In Denver

These streets are near us - and they are fun!

Denver uses a numbers and letters system for it's streets. For the most part, East/west streets are numbers and north south streets are letters. The alphabet has to keep repeating, so they used a system where one set is plants, the next is states in the union, and other similar schemes. We happen to live in the American Indian tribe set of streets. So, depending on exactly where you intersect them, our streets are:

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Best Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird is the Best EMail Program

Version to use: 1.02

Hailing from the old Netscape Mail component, Mozilla Thunderbird brings a stable, powerful, and full featured mail client. The two biggest topics in email these days are spam and viruses. Thunderbird includes a "junk mail" filter that is very accurate: it marks most spam as such and very little "ham" gets marked as spam. Plus, it learns as it works and you "teach" it. By being based on the more secure Mozilla html engine, Thunderbird isn't susceptible to all of the virii that target the Internet Explorer based engines of Outlook and Outlook Express.

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