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Boulder County Cars in the Parking Lot Next Door

Boulder is a hippy town. They seem to have a fleet of cars for some of their city employees like for driving somewhere to do maintenance or look at something.

What kinds of cars are they? Governments need to get a good value for their money, and they need to buy cars consistent with the values of their constituents. For Boulder this means:

Toyota Prius Gen1: 1
Ford Focus 4door: 1
Chevy Suburban: 1
Dodge Dakota: 2
Jeep Liberty: 3
Jeep cherokee: 6
Chevy Silverado: 1
Ford Windstar: 2
Dodge Intrepid: 1
Ford Taurus: 1
Toyota Prius Gen2: 1
Chevy Corsica: 2
Ford Ranger: 1
Ford Explorer: 3

To me that shows: a heavier focus on American cars and on "SUVs" than the general American parkinglot population. It also seems somewhat silly to have Prius in the mix when they also seem to have many cars that use relatively large amounts of gas compared to their carrying capacity. For example, if they had more Ford Focuses instead of the other sedans then the initial purchase would be less, the gas use would be less, just overall it would be cheaper and better for the environment. With such a diverse set of cars in the lot I can only guess that they allow the person who is going to use the car to weigh in on the process. Or that it's done with a dart board.

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