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Denver on the Cusp of Continued Growth and Livability Improvements

Denver is really a great place. Every time I say that I wish I didn't say it because one of the things I like about Denver is that it's a medium sized city. There will come a day in the future when we have suburbs and shopping malls from the New Mexico Border right up to Wyoming all along the front-rang/I-25 corridor. Until then, we can just be excited about infill, denser downtown Denver, and a lot of exciting mass-transit options. As the Denver Infill Blog put it:

This is such an exciting time to be in Denver! Imagine how many cities would love to be in our position: On the eve of the grand opening of a major new light rail corridor, we also have just taken a significant step forward in the process of implementing an approved and funded plan to build an additional 119 miles of rail-based transport, complete with a major Downtown transit facility at a classic historic train station. All this at a time when we have just launched a major convention center expansion and hotel, a new art museum building, and so many Downtown infill projects that we need a website just to keep track of them all.

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Denver Livability

I would add that Metro Denver's growth is also feeding the cultural fabric of our communities. Concrete examples include ths vast number of public art pieces being commissioned due to light rail construction and the new wing of the Denver Art Museum.

Denver is in the process of becoming a world class city with the ammenities that make a city a destination.