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Donate a Bike in Denver - Help Working Poor Without Feeding the Petro-Economy

Let's say that you live in Denver and you have an old bike that you're getting rid of. Or, let's say that you don't really like our petroleum-economy. Or, both! The solution is, frankly, quite simple: Derailer Bicycle Collective.

As you can read from their own website, the organization is based on the idea that

because bicycles are the most affordable, sustainable, efficient, healthy, environmentally friendly, FUN, and liberating form of transportation and recreation, the Derailer Bicycle Collective aims to teach and share knowledge about bikes and bike maintenance to anyone and everyone

Good enough for me!

What I couldn't believe was the feeling at the place. It felt like I was in the middle of the revolution. Working poor who need bikes to live their lives, bicycle aficionados, and a handful of folks in between all getting together to build a better world one spoke at a time. Literally. Before the doors even opened there were at least 30 people chatting about what they were going to do that day to get themselves rolling on a bike or help someone else build a life rolling on a bike.

People Involved: 


Good and Bad News for Bike Advocates....

If you are advocating bicycles for the masses, I have good and bad news. First the bad news: Most Americans see a bicycle as the vehicle of last resort, given how vulnerable they are in traffic and most people don't feel safe riding in traffic. Now, the good news: Given the eroding wages for the 99 percent and gas prices climbing like a rocket plane on steroids, all but the one percent will have no choice but to ride a bike!