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IKEA in Denver or Boulder or Front Range of Colorado

We need an IKEA on the front range.

We really really do.


Someone told me we wouldn't get one because Ikea hates doing shipping inland and only wants to ship by boats.

When you look at this map that kinda makes sense.

ikea store locations in the US


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New Store Needed

Today my son and I were looking for reasonable priced book shelves for his apartment. We went to a second hand store, K-Mart, a hardware store, and finally Target. By then we were saying, " Where is IKEA when we need it!" Where indeed!

We are in dire need of an IKEA in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. My son thinks there is one in Denver, but I'm not seeing it on the map.
Please consider sending one our way. We were just voted my Money Magazine as one of the best places to be and we could use the jobs.

We became IKEA fans when my son was living in Oakland and going to school. Why should California get all the good stuff? We don't have Trader Joe's either
Thanks for your consideration.


I'm sorry to say there aren't any IKEAs in Denver. I've heard that they are considering opening one closer to Denver but still nothing definitive - maybe that was in a dream of mine...

Anyway, best of luck to you in furnishing his apartment!

We may not have Trader Joe's

We may not have Trader Joe's in Fort Collins but at least we have the Sunflower Market, which I think is superior (same prices and items but with a whole lot more produce!) We do desperately need an IKEA here though!

That really DOESN'T make

That really DOESN'T make sense looking at the map- Minneapolis and Chicago are hardly near an ocean. Unless Canada has suddenly been swallowed by the melting ice caps. Hmmmm...

ocean going shipping vessels

While they may not be near the ocean, they are near shipping vessels which can make it onto the great lakes and then continue over to Minneapolis and Chicago.

So, yes, that does make sense. Thanks.

define "near"

John - it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to look at the map and say that the dots are generally grouped around the parts that abut water bodies that will support ocean going shipping vessels.

Obviously there are going to be outliers and edge cases (e.g. Arizona) but Phoenix is only 5 hours away from Los Angeles. 5 hours is "far" if you're from Europe but "close" on the scale of the US.

Hmm, how about Utah? If

Hmm, how about Utah? If there's hope for them in all their mountainousness, surely we can hope...

I have some fairly reliable

I have some fairly reliable information that Ikea is considering building a location in Fort Collins, due to the ease of shipping by rail. Ideally, it will be here in about 18-24 months.

It's an opportunity!

Ikea, Trader Joe's, and In and Out burger always top the list of most-desired out of state chains to come to Colorado. As far as I'm concerned, all three are most welcome to come and do business here.

However, unlike most people it appears, I'm never eager to see an out of state chain set up shop here in our state, based on past experience. For one thing, out of state chains are generally disrespectful of us. Most of the time they shop themselves around among the suburbs to see who will dole out the most subsidies or TIFs. I've never heard of a locally owned business getting subsidies of any kind -- but out of state chains insist on them and often get what they want by playing the 'burbs off against each other. The Ikeas of the world are likely to want to plop down their ugly blue boxes unmodified here in Colorado -- that doesn't fly by my book either. The ugly blue boxes may look fine in California, but they don't look good here -- ikea needs to follow the design standards that everyone else does; giving them an exemption on design guidelines is another form of subsidy.

I look at the lack of Ikea, Trader Joe's, etc as a gift in some ways. What it means is that someone here has a golden opportunity to sell a similar product to the market here. Why not take advantage of the opportunity rather than throwing tax money at an out of state corporate giant to come here? The locally owned counterpart will play nicely by the rules, will keep its profits in-state providing jobs, and never will demand rapacious subsidies from suburban governments. Even better, the locally owned variety will probably concentrate their locations in the city first and foremost, helping maintain our urban fabric. Sounds like a win/win/win/win for everyone involved.

Does this mean that I wouldn't shop at Ikea, TJ's and their ilk if they come here? Of course I would shop there, if they provided me the products I want at the price I want in a location that's convenient to me. I'm pointing out that their failure to come here has potential benefits that we'd do well to take advantage of. It's not as if these shops are perfect as they are anyway. They can and should be improved upon. We should make these companies regret the day they failed to come here and so got locked out of the market by a more nimble local competitor providing better value.

TJs Two Buck Chuck

If no one is willing or capable of filling the maket need I say bring them in. Ikea & TJ's. Where in Colorado can you get a wine that is the equivalent of what they sell at TJ's for $2-$3? Why should I pay $200 for drapes when I can get the equivlent product at Ikea for less than $100?

great question!

I would love to know a source of "two buck chuck" in Colorado. I mostly go to Divino Wine to get what I need, but it is not in general in the $2-3 range.

Ikea is, thankfully, coming closer to a Colorado opening I believe. We'll see. At least the Ikea in Utah should be a reality now.

What standards, design or

What standards, design or otherwise, do you feel that other companies are abiding by in Colorado? Did the planners of Highlands Ranch/Park Meadows/DTC build with care or concern when they plopped 18000 McMansions, an ever-expanding mall (with plenty of big box stores) and pseudo-skyscrapers in what were rolling hills designed by nature for grazing? Does Whole Foods (based in Texas), Colorado's favorite fraudulent grocery chain, care about Colorado/ans as they expand their beige & green empire across the land? Target? Wal-Mart? Best Buy? Kroger (King Soopers/City Market)? Just something to consider.

Why not Denver?

I so heartily agree: we need a IKEA and a Trader Joe's in Denver or on the Front Range.

IKEA and what about Steak n Shake?

I would love to see IKEA here in the Denver Metro or Front Range area (not sure about Ft Collins, due to lower population), and we have been waiting for years. So why did Utah get one before we did?

Also, we really miss Steak n Shake. They need to migrate out west. The closest one is in Salina, KS.

Well, I also would like Trader Joe's. I heard that it won't come to Colorado because they can't sell alcohol (wine and beer) in the stores here, and that's a large part of their business. They're in Albuquerque and Arizona now.
We finally have a World Market in Boulder. That helps, but it's still not the same.

big water near Pittsburgh

But there is plenty of big water near Pittsburgh for carrying shipping containers. They didn't get the steel out of Pittsburgh by horse and buggy!

I thought the conspiracy

I thought the conspiracy rumor going around was that Jake Jabs and American Furniture helped block IKEA from coming into Lone Tree.
Something about the colors clashing with the community was the excuse they presented.

IKEA in Denver

In Canada, IKEA has locations in Edmonton, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta ... those cities are no where near any major body of water. Those cities are in similar terrain regions as Denver. There's also an IKEA in Salt Lake City which has no major body of water that has rivers connecting it to the Pacific. Most major US cities are located near water, as are cities in other countries, because historically, cities have always been built near water, and obviously IKEA is going to start with the major US cities and then expand to other cities, and the fact is, most cities in the Midwest aren't the type of cities IKEA would be in (Kansas City, Omaha, etc). The only two Midwestern cities that have large enough populations for an IKEA store are Denver and St.Louis. They just haven't arrived in Denver yet. So I think that puts the "Someone told me we wouldn't get one because Ikea hates doing shipping inland and only wants to ship by boats." theory to an end.

Thanks for providing an alternate theory about Ikea store locations.

First, Denver is not "midwest." It is "moutain-west" or "rocky mountain west" or "western Great Plains" but the Midwest ends before the Great Plains states and the Great Plains states end at the Rocky Mountains.

Second, all you've done is provided an alternate theory to why Ikea stores tend to be near major water shipping channels. If you had a set of memos from Ikea explaining their store locations then that would put the theory to an end, but as it is they are just two alternate, and in my opinion equally believable, theories.

Build in Colorado Springs

If you don't want the "ugly blue box" where you live, fine build it in the Springs, we'ld love to hve it. Then you can drive your Prius down here. Colorado Springs is also closer to the ocean.....


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Ikea coming to South Denver suburbs

I dont know how old this blog is, but Ikea has announced in Sept of 2008 that they will be building near Park Meadows mall in Centennial. Its on a plot of land ajacent west of I-25 just north or Countyline Road and south of Dry Creek road in a business park north of the mall. I heard it will one of the largest stores built in America because of its central location.

-Nearest current location is in Suburban Salt Lake City Utah.
-Opening would be in fall 2010 at the earliest because i heard the Denver local is waiting on a new Chicago distrubution ceter to be completed. this would serve Denver and the southwest region.

But overall, FINALLY! ya know we could already have a location in CO if the city of Lone Tree hadnt been such snobs and denied the store as early as 2004.

KC not an IKEA city, but Cincinnati is???

To the anonymous person who said Kansas City and Omaha aren't the type of place an IKEA would go, I'd say take a look at Cincinnati. Not a great infrastructure, not an overly rich population... I'm not saying KC is head and shoulders better than Cincy, but I'm just showing you why your argument is a bad one. The reason I believe IKEA is not in KC and Omaha is because of Nebraska Furniture Mart having locations in these two cities. NFM has brought many jobs to both areas and improved the local economy, so why bring in a rival that would threaten this status quo? I don't agree with it, but it's the way it is. I bring this up, once again, to show why you are wrong in your argument.