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save america

Jason Goldman figured out two things to save america.

Parapharsing: get rid of phone books and do assigned seating in movie theaters. Eliminating phonebooks saves us "fucktons" while assigned seating saves us from wasting time in line. Great ideas - the average person would probably be opposed.

Here's my set:
1. Get rid of the penny, replace the dollar bill with the dollar coin, and get rid of every bill above the $20. Just do it. Please. Pennies cost more to make than they are worth. Merchants are hesitant to move over to the dollar coin because they don't have places for it in their machines. If we get rid of the penny and replace the dollar bill with the dollar coin at the same time, that problem is solved. The only other problem is that the public loves the penny. Screw them. Bills above the $20 are the currency of crime. Weather it's small time tax avoidance or drug deals, it's the currency of crime. As a nation, we should no longer support this. Let the Euro be the currency of international crime - no loss to us.

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