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The Following is an Unbiased Paid Review

I previously wrote about this idea in Paid blogging - Review of ReviewMe, PayPerPost, Blogsvertise (not a sponsored post) and at that time I was NOT paid for the post. Well, the time has come and ReviewMe is now live and kicking. So, does my earlier review hold true? So far it seems to and that's not terribly surprising based upon the initial work they've done on the site. Use of the site is logical and simple. There are plenty of usability enhancements I found that I want to integrate into my own sites.

ReviewMe has several requirements for their service. First, all blogs submitted must pass their quality test. It's not terribly complicated how it works (nor how to game the system) but it does a decent job of keeping out the junk sites. Next, you must mention that it is a paid post which is certainly above the line in terms of the ethics and clarity of what's going on. Third, write a balanced review - no need for it to be extremely positive OR negative. Fourth, make money. So far, that seems to be it!

What's notably missing: onerous requirements such as required linking and/or link text that you MUST include in each post. Requirements to insert tracking bullets, requirements for a certain slant on the issue. Requirements about frequency of posts. It's really about the best situation I know for publishers and that's a great idea. If it works out right, they'll get the best group of publishers which will in turn draw in advertisers to the group.

This is a system built by and for people who understand the cluetrain manifesto: open and honest conversations with your consumers and in front of your consumers can only help your business. If your business can't stand up to that, time to change or close up shop.

I'm a little sad they don't have an affiliate program.

The only other feature they're missing is advice in terms of "here's how to make more money with reviewme" and a section of testimonials. Perhaps those will come in time, though.

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