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The Future of Video

So, what is the future of video?

I've discussed this a little bit before and more directly gave a practical example of how Google and YouTube etc. are going to p0wn cable networks and then today I found yet another example of the shift.

Cable is Dead

People said for a long time that Newspapers were dead and the truth is that some of them are still making money and are going to last a long time. That said, this is just another stop on the way towards the all-internet content delivery world.

The Democracy Player for Media Files

There is a piece of software called Democracy Player which does a really great job of taking RSS feeds of movies and presenting them in an easy to understand and use format. This is high quality web TV that my mom can use. And, the thing that sparked my motivation today was Pictures of Assholes a short movie by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You see, I got this movie presented to me from one of the default RSS feeds in Democracy Player, the title caught my attention (knowing that the content as still PG rated) and knowing it was by Joseph Gordon-Levitt seemed extra interesting. So, I watched it. It played - nice, full screen. And it's full of ironic bullshit "Ever Since La Dolce Vita...who directed that (answer Fellini) Who?" Sad.

It's worth watching. And then keep exploring Democracy Player to see what Video might look like in 2-3 years.

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