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Dutch Oven Denver - Dutch Oven Group (DOG) for Coloradoans

I have this friend Anthony Webster who loves Dutch Ovens. Every time he talks about it all that I think of is this nasty game of farting on my wife, but really Dutch Ovens are all about delicious cooking. In fact, Trace (Anthony's nickname) likes the Dutch Ovens so much that he is a member of the Denver Dutch Oven Group (also known as a DOG) and he gets together with other folks who love cooking in their Dutch Ovens and they all cook delicious food together.

He promises me that he's going to have me over some time and cook me up some food under the warm ashes of his dutch oven. Until then, I'm dubious of the practice.

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Denver Dutch Oven Group

Hello, I am moving to Denver and interested in joining a dutch oven group there. Can you provide me with any contact information?