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Good Graphics

I'm not trying to get all tufte on you and point out neat the topic cloud is because it shows not only all of the topics on our site but also how many pages have been published in each category. No, for this installation of good graphics I just want to point out how successful this image is at getting people to think and read the entire story:

How to be an expert

That image is from a post about creating passionate users by enabling the "inner non-sucker" in each of us.

Maybe this doesn't appeal to everyone - but the "fun" factor of that graphic just draws me in. I mean, they have a "suck threshhold". I feel like everyone should try to insert a "suck threshold" into any projects that they can. I had an english teacher in high school who wouldn't let us say the word "suck" in class. Guess what: of all my english teachers she sucked the most.

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