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Earth Treks Englewood - The Largest Indoor Climbing Gym?

In April of 2017 the old Sports Authority headquarters in Englewood was sold for $15.7 million but at that point it wasn't well known who the purchaser was and who would inhabit the space. It turns out Earth Treks is one of the major inhabitants of the space and they had a big plan for the building. The Earth Treks climbing gym will open an Englewood location. The Earth Treks organization was founded and started on leadership development, non-profit goals, and getting people connected to the outdoors. They have a strong Yoga, fitness, and team building component to their gyms and an onsite child-care offering.

This video of the Golden climbing gym provides a sense of what the Englewood location will look like.

The full site plan includes space for their offices. They plan to move many offices from Golden, Colorado to this Englewood location. The rock climbing facility will be be between 20 and 50 feet tall. At the tallest point they will be raising the roof of the building so they get enough height. The panels for the rock climbing wall are already being engineered and will soon be in construction at which point the walls will be shipped over and installed at the Englewood site.

The very large Outdoor Retailer show recently moved from Utah where it has been held for a long time to Denver, which has long wanted it. Earth Treks plans to host a lot of events to draw people from the Outdoor Retailer show into their space here in Englewood.

Anticipate daily attendance of about 1,000 people. Their plan is to have over 130 full time employees at the site. The Golden facility employs 72 people.

The owner of building is currently doing demo and was supposed to deliver the space August 1st, 2017. It's still not done, but they hope to open in the spring of 2018. They plan to be open from 6:00AM to 11:00PM most days.

They used to do marketing by just "making a post on facebook saying today we'll open at 3pm" but they now have a marketing team who is working on a full plan.

The biggest draw for them to Englewood was the building and access:

  • Drivers can access the space using Hampden or Santa Fe as major cross streets and parking is planned to be available onsite.
    *The Englewood lightrail station is 0.6 miles away to the north which is about a 13 minute walk that goes from the station, through the Englewood civic center, south on Inca across the big busy Hampden until Inca curves into Jason street.
  • For bikers from the West side of Santa Fe, the South Platte Recreation trail is a great way for bikers to get to the general area, although the specific site is surprisingly hard to reach due to all the car-oriented structures at Hampden-Santa Fe interchange. For bikers from the East side of Santa Fe the network of bike-paths-on-street are probably the best solution.
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