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Rode Podcaster Microphone - USB Mic

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I got this to get a high quality voice over for all the screencasts I do. It is really quite nice. I kind of wanted to get a "real" microphone, but would then need to get a mixer to power it and some other equipment. This was "plug and play" simple.

I wish I had a case for it - otherwise, it's perfect. Probably 10 minutes at a fabric store getting some neoprene and then sewing it would provide all the more "case" that I need.

Bike to Work Month (at least for me)

"Officially" bike to work month is in May. That seems like a reasonable time: the weather is pretty warm and it's early enough in the year that any converts will likely keep biking throughout the summer. I'm taking a slightly more hardcore approach. My bike to work month is February. If I can bike to work most days in February I think the rest of the year will be easy!

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Logitech VX Nano - Perfect Smal Mouse (Mac Support Too)

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I got this mouse after my aging wired mouse started making weird clicking noises and I grew tired of cleaning out the ball of my trackball. Phew.

Review of the Logitech Nano mouse

So far I love everything about it. It has a lot of buttons which suits me perfectly: the more buttons the less I have to use modifier keys or point at a specific part of the screen to get the "back" button.

The USB receiver is so absolutely teeny tiny that it is easy to forget you even have it plugged in (aside from the fact that it takes up a spot in the USB receiver). Glorious.

Drupal 7: Who is Providing Patches for the Next Release?

Quick update: this data misses out on any files added since Drupl 6.0 was created. With the new database and testing systems, that's a lot of files! So, these need to be updated to include that data...this still gives a good idea of people who worked on everything except for Tests and DBTNG

Let's face it: we're human and nothing gets our blood flowing like a little old fashioned competition. During the release of Drupal 6 I helped out to analyze the code and provide some statistics about the release. I published the method and the data that found some pretty interesting information:

  • There were about 206 contributors when measured this way
  • The top 10 individuals were credited in almost 40% of the patches
  • People who only were credited on 1 or 2 patches still provided just over 10% of the code for Drupal.

Recently someone asked me to run statistics again for Drupal 7 so far. Thanks to the very detailed nature of the fine Drupal 7 maintainers (webchick and Dries) the commit messages give us all the info we need to see who has been involved in the code that is ultimately committed.

Drupal 7 Contributors So far

So, who are the current leaders in the race towards making Drupal 7 the most tested and usable release? Here are the top 5 individuals. As you can see these 5 people were involved in almost 25% of the patches.

Name Patches % of total Cumulative %
catch 46 6.19% 6.19%
pwolanin 40 5.38% 11.57%
Damien Tournoud 35 4.71% 16.29%
Dave Reid 33 4.44% 20.73%
chx 31 4.17% 24.90%
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