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Drupal 7: Who is Providing Patches for the Next Release?

Quick update: this data misses out on any files added since Drupl 6.0 was created. With the new database and testing systems, that's a lot of files! So, these need to be updated to include that data...this still gives a good idea of people who worked on everything except for Tests and DBTNG

Let's face it: we're human and nothing gets our blood flowing like a little old fashioned competition. During the release of Drupal 6 I helped out to analyze the code and provide some statistics about the release. I published the method and the data that found some pretty interesting information:

  • There were about 206 contributors when measured this way
  • The top 10 individuals were credited in almost 40% of the patches
  • People who only were credited on 1 or 2 patches still provided just over 10% of the code for Drupal.

Recently someone asked me to run statistics again for Drupal 7 so far. Thanks to the very detailed nature of the fine Drupal 7 maintainers (webchick and Dries) the commit messages give us all the info we need to see who has been involved in the code that is ultimately committed.

Drupal 7 Contributors So far

So, who are the current leaders in the race towards making Drupal 7 the most tested and usable release? Here are the top 5 individuals. As you can see these 5 people were involved in almost 25% of the patches.

Name Patches % of total Cumulative %
catch 46 6.19% 6.19%
pwolanin 40 5.38% 11.57%
Damien Tournoud 35 4.71% 16.29%
Dave Reid 33 4.44% 20.73%
chx 31 4.17% 24.90%
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My New Acting Career - iShares Commercial

This was a really cool thing. As an individual investor, I believe in iShares from a financial perspective. They are low fee highly efficient ways for individuals to invest wisely. So, when they called me to be in a commercial about iShares I was really excited. The commercial finally made it to YouTube (I stand up at 37 seconds into the video and then walk on a red carpet for a few seconds):

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choose your own adventure: wedding ceremonies

So, I'm officiating a ceremony and we get to be creative. I know what christian/catholic weddings are like. I don't know Jewish ones, much, but I've seen them in movies...? I wanted to research weddings in general to get some ideas of some universal elements and fun things that we shouldn't miss.

Here's the stuff that's been helpful to me so far:

a short Hindu wedding
Red Hot Curry's guide to Hindu weddings

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