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My New Acting Career - iShares Commercial

This was a really cool thing. As an individual investor, I believe in iShares from a financial perspective. They are low fee highly efficient ways for individuals to invest wisely. So, when they called me to be in a commercial about iShares I was really excited. The commercial finally made it to YouTube (I stand up at 37 seconds into the video and then walk on a red carpet for a few seconds):

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choose your own adventure: wedding ceremonies

So, I'm officiating a ceremony and we get to be creative. I know what christian/catholic weddings are like. I don't know Jewish ones, much, but I've seen them in movies...? I wanted to research weddings in general to get some ideas of some universal elements and fun things that we shouldn't miss.

Here's the stuff that's been helpful to me so far:

a short Hindu wedding
Red Hot Curry's guide to Hindu weddings

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