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Home History in Google Video

Not to toot my own horn (toot toot) but I love when my observations (echoing Robert Cringely's observations) about Video A la Carte and Google Video ended up proving even mildly valid. In fact, I think I'll just keep making observations in this line and then in 10 years when they finish being true, I will have a beer.

My friend Dave Burrell was on Denver Channel 7 about his work as a home detective for Historical Insights and they gave him the video which he (fairly) promptly uploaded to Google Video.

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Maps and Prints of Denver

Yesterday we were killing time in Boulder and stumbled upon Art Source International on the web at

It's a relatively nice store, but even more amazing is their website which includes scans of all maps. If I owned a map/print store, this is exactly how it would work: Bricks and Mortar and online - both useful integrated stores.

Also, personally I'm interested in the series of George F. Cram maps of Denver which show the street maps as Denver formed including the streets around my house (supposedly built in 1894). It is currently on 3rd between Bannock and Cherokee, but it's clear that back then there was no such concept of streets in Denver and that manys treet names have changed.

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The Best Nation: ProcrastiNation

I'm a somewhat notorius procrastinator. Thank goodness Paul Graham has taken up the subject and written about why procrastination isn't really a bad thing, it's just a matter of priorities. And moreover, that if you are "ambitious" then you should avoid doing tasks that pull you away from your important work.

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Strawbale Hotels Near Denver

(I think) I want to build a straw bale home.

Prior to that, I want to stay in a hotel of a strawbale home to make sure of the fact...

I asked about strawbale hotels or places that take guests and here was the response:



  • "Try the Bale-on group I believe we have a SB bed and breakfast in our
    membership group" which seems to refer to the group referred to on this Ontario Strawbale Building Coalition page and has a Yahoo Group as well
  • "The Ash Canyon B & B in Hereford , AZ is a strawbale building and a great birding site. Contact Mary Jo Ballator at 520-378-0773. More info at Plus, there are a number of strawbale homes within an hours drive you could visit as well." Which is quite a drive away.
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    Thirty and Financially Incompetent

    Businessweek is running an article on being Thiry and Broke and, um, it seems awfully weak to me - both the subjects, the reporting, and the general phenomena of people in the U.S. who feel neglected by the economy. It's a story of some young folks who should be yuppies, but instead have floundered through school and failed to get high paying jobs in a reasonable time frame.

    It seems that Businessweek found the saddest examples they could find and portrayed them as the normal situation. The profiled students took longer than 4 years to graduate, switched schools/majors mid-stream, went out of state, majored in less practical fields, or all four. That's a great way to increase your debt by 25% to 100% right off the bat. Beyond that, it's clear from the photos that they are living beyond their means: salon-styled-hair, fancy mountain bikes, cars, expensive weddings. These are individuals who are suffering the consequences of their own decisions.

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    Top (Some Number) Reasons Visual Web Developer Sucks

    At work I have to use ASP.NET. As if that weren't bad enough, I have decided to use Visual Web Developer to help me because I don't want to pollute my limited PHP parts of my brain with .NET. VWD sucks. Here are my favorite reasons why it sucks. (I've only been using it for a few weeks - more may come)

    1. If you want to show the data from a table on a screen you can just drag/drop the table to the page, edit some things in some wizards and it works. Great! Now, the formatting of the columns is all stupid, but I'm sure the developers said "Well, how should we know how to format the columns". How about using the data type from the datasource? VWD is aware of that because it throws in things like Type="Int32" to some of the items that it magically inserts for me. So when it sees a "money" datatype, why not format that puppy as a freaking currency string.
    2. If you want to format a BoundField you use a DataFormatString to set it. That's fine and well documented. Only problem is, that it doesn't work. Seems that within the first few months of public release, many other people have stumbled upon this problem. So, not only do I have to set the format string I want to use, but I have to set HTMLEncoding to false. It's like walking into a Chipotle, ordering a veggie burrito with black beans, and being asked if you want a hot dog. Dumb.
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