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Video a la carte

Even the FCC knows that video customers want video a la carte.

But satelite and cable companies don't want to do that (don't believe me? call yours and ask for some random channel a la carte...good luck).

The funny thing to me about this is that we've been here before. Remember 1998? CDs were so expensive that there was an anti-trust investigation and class-action lawsuits claiming that the price was being fixed. People wanted individual songs and they wanted them cheaper. So...we had Napster piracy and the RIAA suing customers (suing customers, there's a great strategy) and everybody mad and then we had iTunes and the 10 other copycats who offered music online in cheap, digestible chunks. And the people rejoiced!

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Sony DRM Uninstaller creates enormous security hole - for some

Maybe you've been following this, maybe you haven't. Basically, music CDs from Sony have contained a piece of "DRM" software which, when run on a windows computer, installs itself in a hidden manner.

Many people have written about this. As a result of public outcry, Sony has agreed not to do this any more and has provided software which removes the orginal offending DRM software.

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RSS Feed Quick Overview

RSS is a relatively new technology that also goes by the name "Web Feeds" and "Live Bookmarks". It allows you to "subscribe" to an RSS feed in your RSS reader. Then you use your RSS reader to check many sites at the same time and you are presented headlines from the sites that are new since you last checked. It's a great way to keep tabs on frequently updates sites like news sources, blogs, or

The best news is that if you are reading this, you probalby already have an "RSS reader" accessible. You can use a variety of applications including the Mozilla Firefox or the Apple Safari browsers or even online services. This is all explained in greater detail in the Wikipedia.

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Best PHP CMS Program

Drupal is the best php, mysql or postgresql, CMS system.

Version to use: 4.6.5 (4.7 is due "soon").

I've used a couple of CMS systems over the years, including a home brewed one and I've tested even more of them. After trying out all of these, my feeling is that

You may have noticed that our family website is based upon it.

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New Neighborhood Website

This past may I was elected secretary of our neighborhood association. Part of that work is related to publishing the minutes and people really really want them online and the secretary has historically picked up the job of "website person" on occasion, so I did as well.

You may notice a lot of similarities between our personal site and the neighborhood site - when you've got a good thing, why change?

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