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The Best Music Player/Ripper

iTunes is the best music player/ripper

Version to use:4.7 EDITI'm not sure which version to recommend - new versions offer podcasts but take away from your ability to use the media to the full extent of the fair use provisions. That's lame. Songbird is probably going to be my new favorite, as soon as it's released. Sign up for their mailing list and you can be in on releases, too.

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The Best Basic Image manipulation Program

IrfanView is the best basic image manipulation program

Version to use: 3.95

Most cameras include their own software and there are many other "album" and editing programs out there. They all suck. IrfanView provides a simple interface, includes things like a powerful batch image convert/rename program that can pull EXIF data. You can also use it to make slideshows. And of course it includes all the basic things like rotating images. Basically, it's awesome.

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