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  • An Admonition to Use A God Damned Search Engine.

If you are asking a question of someone, you should do this first. Somewhat ironically, use of this admonition can result in people saying "what does UAGDSE mean?" which is of course the perfect kind of question to send to a GDSE.

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Annual Report 2003 - 2004

Knaddison Annual Report

In our last annual report we wrote we were thinking about moving to Holland so that Greg could work on a project there. We decided to go and had a great time.

The Hague project was pretty standard. I've also gotten involved with CLUE which provides for some seriously geeky activities like RecycleIT. This past fall Connexn merged with Azure Solutions, a Telecom Software company which is expanding it's Revenue Assurance offerings. In the past 2 years, I moved from client implementations, to Quality Assurance, and now to Software Engineering. I've been learning a lot and having some fun along the way.

While in the Netherlands, I volunteered part time for the humanitarian organization Cordaid, which was a great opportunity to get involved and meet some Dutch people while being flexible enough to enjoy some local traveling and day trips. Shortly before coming home, I accepted a different position working at Human Services Inc. with a young adult program. I work with 16 to 21 year-olds, primarily young parents, as they strive to accomplish their education and employment related goals.


  • While in the Hague last year, we took lots of small day/weekend trips to places like Delft, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Maastricht.
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Churn baby churn!

"Churn" is a bit of jargon that companies use to describe the loss of customers in a given period, usually in a month. You'll hear it in press releases, analyst reports, and sales material from CRM vendors like "we brought our churn way down by using XYZ customer pleaser tool and our stock has been doing great ever since!"

I had heard about churn before, but never really dealt with it. For work I had to take a tool I was developing and replace an "expected customer lifetime in months" input for a "churn" input because "churn" is easier for our people to think about. That's fine, but what does "churn" mean when I'm calculating something over the life of a customer? My models needed a number of months.

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Removing Problems

I like to call myself a "problem remover" but what that really means is that I fight tiny little battles on a daily basis against stupid behavior of other people. I pick up other people's trash and if I see someone drop trash I confront them. If a car is not paying attention to me as a biker or pedestrian I yell at them. If I get a telemarketer call, I will play the "how long can I keep you on the line game". I ask questions about their product, start asking for upgraded options, make like I'm interested and then end it with: "Well, my wife makes all the business decisions and she's not home, so bye!"

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Best Office/Productivity/Diagramming Software

Version to use: I use the 2.0 version

Yes, it's true. is my favorite "productivity" software. I use it practically every day.

You may say, that's nice, but where are the templates and the "text to columns".

Well, poke around for a little while on OpenOffice.orgDocs and you should be able to find any feature that's missing.

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