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Hillary Clinton - The Market Predicts She's Done

As we flew home from our trip to South America we changed planes in Washington DC and saw this scene:

I'd say that this is a pretty clear indication that, at least in the opinion of this airport shop owner, Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming president are pretty low. That's what you might describe as a general market indicator that Hillary is done.

And, of course there's the prediction markets...

Prediction Markets - HubDub Says Hillary Clinton to Withdraw Before the Convention

According to the HubDub market there is an 82% chance she'll withdraw prior to the convention.


At least this prediction, at the time I'm writing this, says there's about an 80% chance that Hillary will leave prior to the convention.

If you're on HubDub, you can become my "friend" and then we can compete in predictions. When starting at my HubDub profile you should be able to click a button at "add as friend".

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