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Omnivore's Dilemma - A Natural History of Four Meals

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This is a great book for the insights it provides, but in my opinion, is flawed from an analytical perspective because the author writes from a painfully biased point of view.

Overall it provides an amazing review of the current modern food industry in the United States. From industrial, to organic-industrial, to organic, to handmade the book reviews four major sectors of how food might end up on our plates. It is in the final section about a home-grown meal that the bias heads to the point of being naive in it's presentation of the information. The "perfect meal" (as the author describes it) involves eating a nearly extinct sea creature and driving hundreds of miles in an SUV to gather one ingredient. I fail to see how those are sustainable practices worthy of being called "perfect."

If those hypocrisies of the perfect meal were addressed in some way I would have loved this book. As it stands...the first three sections are great analysis and the fourth is a nice romantic story.