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To paraphrase Jordan Fisher Smith from Nature Noir, people think of nature like a single beautiful chord that is played consistently over time when it's really a changing symphony full of interactions of different notes getting louder, quieter, higher, and lower and cycling through various melodies.

The same scientists who believe in evolution instead of divine creation are going to say that a few degrees per century is enough to kill everything and everyone?

Further, read this article. Did you notice how the hockey stick has error bars that go beyond the point of concern? Did you notice that they start their graph right around the end of the last little ice age and project up through today? Those are both mistakes that deserve the authors of the graph to be crapped upon.

So, I don't give a crap about "global warming" or the supposed links between humans and global warming.

However, I like Theo. Clicking this link and entering your information helps Theo to get more respect at work...and the more respect Theo gets at work, the happier I am. So just do it, alright?

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