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Bike Paths, Plans, and metrics, for Englewood, Colorado

I like to bike for my errands and recreation, so I've thought a bit about how to best get around the Englewood area. I've been thinking about what routes are the best using these criteria:

  • Connecting destinations (schools, retail, transit hubs)
  • Crossing major car-oriented streets at safe locations (e.g. crossing Broadway on Dartmouth is easier than on Eastman)
  • Minimized interaction with cars (e.g. biking on Dartmouth is generally better than Hampden)

I was pleasantly surprised today to find some maps and plans from the city of Englewood:

These different documents mention a few metrics and goals worth considering for the future.
From the Walk and Wheel plan:

  • 91 miles of bicycle/ped paths/trails
  • 42.6 miles of on-street bike routes
  • 45 bicycle parking racks (maintained by the city, more are maintained by private organizations)
  • The map of Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) on page B-16 is quite interesting to compare to the current city bike map.
  • Bike commute mode share is 1.55% and pedestrian commute mode share is 2.75%

Other metrics to consider:

  • How many miles of on-street routes are LTS1/2/3/4 on the Mineta Transportation Institute report scale?
  • How many injuries and deaths occur related to transportation (i.e. Vision Zero metrics).
  • Mode-share of walking and wheels
  • WalkScore / TransitScore / BikeScore for reference locations (e.g. 1 address in several parts of the city)
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