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Denver Voting Struggles?

From anecdotal reports (my sister in law) to traditional media outlets it seems everyone in Denver is complaining that voting went poorly. Denver City Auditor Dennis Gallagher said "Heads should roll". Really?

Voting for the prepared

If you planned ahead more than 5 hours before the end of the polls, here were your options:

  • Voting in advance - for the past two weeks or so you could have gone to several voting locations to vote and had no line
  • Polling places had fewer voters than machines (at least mine did, and it was one of the ones with a 4 hour line as the polls closed)
  • Absentee ballots - I've never actually used a voting booth, at least not since age 4 when my mom snuck me into her booth and let me pull the big handle. And why should I go to the polling center when absentee gives me the same vote on my time with no line?

In my humble opinion, this is a case of voters who didn't plan ahead and use one of the many options available to them to make the process more efficient. Then when they had to site through lines they, of course, want to blame someone else. Democracy at it's best.

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