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Greenwood Village Colorado - Indemnifying Police Officers against SB 217

Colorado recently passed SB-20-217 Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity to attempt to improve policing in the state. It makes a variety of policy changes. It was passed on June 19th and Signed on June 19th 2020. It will be enforced starting July 1, 2023 which gives police departments time to adjust their budgets and operations to address the new rules.

The city of Greenwood Village, located on the southern side of the metro Denver area, passed a city council resolution that offsets one of the elements of SB217. Resolution 40 of Greenwood Village reads:

The Greenwood Village City Council resolves to in all cases defend any police officer in any suit or proceeding
brought under SB 20-217 and pay or indemnify its police officers against all expenses, court costs, including
expert fees, court fees, attorney fees, judgments, fines and amounts paid in settlement or satisfaction of
judgment actually incurred by them in connection with such action, suit or proceeding.

The resolution was passed unanimously.

As I wanted to research this issue it seemed hard to me to find it, so I'm reposting it with a bit of context in the hopes it helps others to be educated about the content of the resolution. From the homepage you have to click Government - Agendas, Minutes & Webcasts - In the "Most Recent Events" table choose the City Council filter - click the City Council Meeting on July 6th. That opens a video, agenda, and download so you can scroll down to the section "A Resolution Declaring City Council's Commitment to Indemnify its Police Officers Against Liability Under Senate Bill 20-217". Under that is linked text Reso Indemnifying Police Officers Against SB 217 Liability (Final) which links to the resolution. The recording of the meeting includes discussion at 1:53 into the meeting.

I've also attached the resolution PDF from their site below.

  • Discussion about the great staff in the GV police department and a desire to show support for them.
  • A council member is 1000% in favor of the resolution.
  • This goes beyond showing support for officers and sends a message to community, state and country that they have a different attitude toward law enforcement and the rule of law.
  • GV police force is ahead of the curve on adopting new policies that are just now being considered in other areas.
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