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Let's sue our customers!

With PC World declaring Microsoft Demands Royalties for Open-Source Software we've now got a repeat of the RIAA's sue our customers strategy!

Suing Your Customers

I use MSWindows, MacOSX, a variety of distrubtions of GNU/Linux, and even Solaris, HPUX, AIX, and other flavors of UNIX in my daily job. Daily. I am a Microsoft customer. I use several of their products beyond just MSWindows. And now microsoft is warning that it will sue me for using Linux. Does that make me want to buy more or less of their product? I'm not really sure, but somewhere in "marketing" is a rule like "treat your customers well". Where does "suing your customers" fall? Is that somehow going to make me feel like I should buy more Microsoft products?

Perspiration, Innebriation, Desperation

So, now that we know Mr. Ballmer is a major perspirator and I imagine he must be drinking a lot given the almost complete failure of Vista. So now desperation. Why would you sue your customers. That just sounds like such a boneheaded move so the only way you might want to do that is if you are really really desperate.

The steady march of open source

In other news I haven't used excel in a year and I just moved my laptop to Linux two weeks ago as did a coworker this past weekend.

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