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remove "not verified" from comments

Note: this is a really bad way to do this - see the comments for the right way.

I disagree on this point, but a friend asked and other folks have previously been confused so I removed the "not verified" label from a site and I was confused on where to do it. A little bit of grepping and I found it's in

@@ -898,7 +899,8 @@
$output = $object->name;

- $output .= ' ('. t('not verified') .')';
+ //burrell says "no 'not verified' on the comments"
+ //$output .= ' ('. t('not verified') .')';

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moved for 4.7.2

I should have noted that my fix was for 4.6.

Let's say that you need to do this and you are using 4.7.2, Matt Farina figured out one way to do it.

It's now in the file /includes/

Go to line 987 or so and comment out the inclusion of "not verified" into the output. That's all!