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Back in Denver - Spanish Classes and Drupalooop

So...we're back in Denver. Of course, our house is rented out to some Democrats until September (they're throwing a party you may have heard about) so we're not 100% "back home" but it sure feels close to that.

Knaddison Spanish Tour

We were gone for a little while. 9 months. Where were we? See, we went to Spain and then Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Denver, California, Denver. We even wrote a ton about our trip if you like to read about those places. But, now we're back in Denver and are excited to be home. In fact, a large part of the trip was learning about the Spanish Language and Culture. We did really fun stuff like take this video of winemaking in Argentina and then cut it together into this movie:

Spanish School - Denver Spanish House

We also spent a lot of time discussing, planning, and getting excited about Nikki's business: The Denver Spanish House. All that planning and research into language theories is finally coming together since she is offering classes in Spanish (English classes coming soon...). I may be a little biased, but I'm really excited about this new chapter in her life. The work she did at non-profits was good and all, but starting a business doing something like this that she really loves is pretty amazing. And, the final plan for the Denver Spanish House goes beyond classes into some slightly more fun stuff. _Edit: Also, we are doing our best to review wines of Spanish speaking world.

Drupalaloop, Baby

Me, I'm getting back into working with Drupal. I've got a lot of great opportunities that I'm chasing down - more to come as the deals solidify and get released to the world (astute readers have a hint of part of what I'll be doing). If you've got a great project using Drupal, particularly related to the publishing industry or in the Denver/Colorado area please do let me know if I can help you with it.

So, thanks for indulging a navel-gazing-I-love-my-wife-and-I'm-excited-to-get-back-to-work post. We spent 9 years planning our trip to South America and while we were down there we spent more than half the time getting ready for the next 10 years of our life back here in Colorado. It's nice to get back to it!

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