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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Spanish Accents

I've been writing a lot more words in Spanish lately as I gear up for giving lessons in Spanish so I (well really, Greg) recently figured out how to use accents and punctuation elements in Spanish, which has made my life much easier!

Go to System Preferences, click International and then choose US-Extended. Once you're set up with that, the keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

option+e+vowel = accented vowel (lower case)
option+e+shift+vowel = accented vowel (upper case)
option+1 = upside down exclamation ¡
option+shift+? = upside down question ¿
option+n+letter = tilde over letter ñ

You can also experiment by holding down option and pressing random keys.

¡Allí está, suerte!

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Spanish letters in keyboard shortcuts or F keys

Isn't there any way, for Macintosh, that we can program the F keys for these accented letters. There are a lot of accented letters in the Spanish language and using the keyboard shortcut combinations above is extremely tedious!


Good to hear that Mac Keyboard already have Shortcuts for Spanish Accents. I want to try this one..

New Keyboard

On the new MacBook keyboard there is no key marked Option. Instead you use the alt key to get the accents.

This works perfectly well on my English (UK) keyboard.

Accents in any language adds

Accents in any language adds crispness and sweetness to listen besides these are the important markers of individual social identities. Learning them makes it easy to use and understand. Hence, it is useful to learn these shortcuts. Thanks for nice work.