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CD To MP3 Transfer Service

You: One of the 20 million people who got an iPod or other digital music player for Christmas. You have tons of CDs, limited time, limited computer knowledge, and a little jingle in your pocket.

Me: A guy with so many computers in the house that his wife screams at him.

Together: We can make sweet, sweet music.

Other services like Get Digital and Awaken will charge you more than a dollar per CD. (pricing: GetDigital and Awaken).

I'll charge you one dollar per CD.


Email me

The process:

  1. Drop the CDs off at my house - that way you know where I live (in Denver) and can see the room of computers my wife hates. We get to build a little trust about me having your prized collection of Barry Manilow.
  2. I encode the songs using scratch fixing, Variable Bit Rate, DRM-free, MP3 encoding. This will work on pretty much every music player. It takes me a couple days to do a hundred CDs.
  3. Either pick them up or I will drop them off at your house with all your CDs and a the delivery format of your choice. I prefer to drop them off because then we are sure of a good transfer. I also give you a report on the results of the process.
  4. You pay me
  5. I go home and buy more computers, further upsetting my wife
  6. You rejoice in enjoying your music

Formats for delivery:

  • My portable hard drive that I use to upload the files and then take back. No extra charge.
  • DVD: If you want a DVD backup of the songs in digital format, that's an extra $15 per 100 CDs that you give me.
  • If you want them on your external hard drive. No extra charge.

Potential Problems

  • The process I use checks your CD against an online database called CDDB. This has most of the artist, composer, and album information in it already. If the CD isn't found there, I will type them that information in and put it in my report so you can validate the entries.
  • The process tries to remove any skips, scratches, or anything like that but if your CD is really messed up then it won't be able to help. We can then discuss other options and their costs like using a CD cleaning tool.
  • This process can take a long time - that's where my stable of computers comes in and makes it go fast.

Why me instead of one of the professional services?

  • No shipping!
  • I use lots of bulleted lists and everyone knows bulleted lists SELL!
  • I made you laugh - those other guys are boring.
Still Interested?

Email me already.

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CD to my hard drive

Hi, I have a couple of questions. I just got my dad an IPOD for father's day and he has ordered an external hard drive. He has a few hundred CD's. Would you just put all of the songs on his hard drive? how long do you think it would be? Or would you just want to see how many he actually has? do you download DVD's? If so, how much are they? thanks!

couple answers

1) yep, I'd put them on his hard drive.
2) depending on the number of scratches it takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour for a CD. for a few hundred CDs, it takes a few weeks
3) if by "download DVDs" you mean "turn DVDs into movie files" no, I don't do that.


I LOL'ed at "Do you download DVDs"... Downloading movies is illegal, advertising about it would be plain dumb.