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Drupal bugs I care about

There's no good way to track bugs in Drupal unless you are assigned to them, so I'm keeping them here until I make that ability to associate yourself as an interested party...

Scalability of paths

Probably not bugs: - IE Crashing on Admin - reassigned to the theme blocks sneak off the page - supposedly - not repeatable, closed Mysql encoding - Duplicate, fixed in another bug

I patched/provided input - Missing Stats in xstatistics - applied Node removal - probably a documentation problem more than anything - basically every module needs uninstall instructions/features. People are headed that way, but if you uninstall something you should "know what you are doing" so you remove it properly... Blix theme - needs a patch to be reformatted - patch provided, blix is in dropdown, awaiting blix maintainer to apply

I want to Patch:
+new query for xstatistics - blocks with duplicate titles - fixed in 4.7, left alone in 4.6 b/c of database change use new mysql_real_connect() - not sure this is really worthwhile...

People Involved: