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Example Sprint Burn Down Chart: Excel, Google Spreadsheet,

I've written about the Burn Down Art site before. One unexpected result of the site is that people are visiting it based on a variety of different search terms and a few aren't getting the data they really need.

Template Burn Down Chart - Excel, Google Spreadsheet,

One thing that a lot of people have been looking for is an example or template version of a burn down chart that they can use for themselves. I won't claim that this is the best chart, but it's simple and it works pretty well.

A couple of suggestions:

  • It counts your stories and sets them for number of stories to burn down
  • It will count the days in your sprint and decrement the expected stories remaining row by that amount
  • There is a row to show how to add a story mid-way through the sprint
  • Some people like to add more columns to the raw data showing the priority and the status
  • Some people like to add formatting to the 0/1 cells to show when it became a 0 as a more visual indicator on the data sheet.

Regarding the Google Spreadsheet - I created both of these documents using Google Spreadsheets and then exported them. But there's no way for me to share the current burn down spreadsheet from Google Docs to the rest of the world to use as a template. Bummer! However, you can import either of the attached documents and it will work just fine. Enjoy!

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