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Herman Miller Chairs in Denver - Expensive Chair, Cheap Tables

So, I'm outfitting my office which has me thinking back to all the great articles I've read over the years about offices. There's Joel on Software's 12 Steps to Better Code which is largely just common sense of developer types explained using traditional business language. And Jason Calacanis about how to save money running a startup which is largely more of the same.

Cheap tables and Expensive Chairs (like... Aeron chairs)

Jason's tip that really resonated with me was this one:

Buy cheap tables and expensive chairs. Tables are a complete rip off. We buy stainless steel restaurant tables that are $100 and $600 Areon[sic] chairs. Total cost per workstation? $700. Compare that to buying a $500-$1,500 cube/designer workstation. The chair is the only thing that matters... invest in it.

The desk I'm using now was $20 and it was from a used furniture store so there's a bonus environmental feeling of warmth in my heart - instead of me buying "yet another dead tree" while this thing went to a landfill. The chair...was $450 from Craigslist. Increasingly when we need something for the office we get the rss feed (this one's for herman miller chairs in denver) and wait a week and the perfect solution comes to the rss feed reader.

I still need to get some better monitors, but we already got a fridge, coffee machine and microwave.

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