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Hiring from Denver Coding Bootcamps - 2019

I've had some friends and acquaintances inquire about the idea of "code bootcamps" in Denver. I'm vaguely aware of them, but haven't really looked at them too closely. I've had some great experiences working with graduates of a bootcamp program in LA and wanted to review the Denver options to see what's available and how to hire from them.

First, I found a Denverpost Tech+ Blog post from 2015 that has some info about the schools in general. They do mention an organization which has apparently gone out of business since then, which is not too surprising given the volatile nature of the industry right now.

  • Skill Distillery bills itself as a Full Stack Java Coding Bootcamp. From some of the content on the site they also cover Javascript (seems pretty important in 2018).
  • Turing is a 501c(3) that has 2 tracks within their web-focused coursework: front-end and back-end (ruby/sinatra). They list graduates on on alumni page where you have to search for people by bios.
  • The University of Denver Coding Bootcamps has a few different tracks that cover a lot of topics. For employers, they have a contact form.
  • General Assembly is one of the original organizations in this market. They have a profiles page that lists people with a lot of facets to help with searching.
  • Flatiron School currently offers either software engineering camps in person or some online courses. It has a page with a "contact us" form to hire people which is not super helpful to me in figuring out if I want to contact them.
  • Thinkful offers a few categories of training, but on their how we work page they say that their Career Coach helps people to find jobs. I'm surprised they don't have a specific way for employers to target their graduates, but it seems like an interesting approach worth considering.
  • Galvanize has a mix of full time and part time courses with varied subjects. They have a talent page where companies can post a profile, post job openings, and find people who might match.

Are there other organizations I'm missing? Avenues for hiring similar people worth considering? Let me know.

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