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I haven't used Excel in a year in my life

I just wrote in an email

Alternatively I believe that Excel has a csv import wizard, but I forget how to get it working (I haven't used Excel in over a year).

That's more than a little surprising because I spent the last 5 years before this past one building models in Excel (among other fun stuff like ColdFusion or ASP webapps that talked to Oracle or SQL Server - I haven't touched those three technologies in more than a year either)! Man does it feel good to be living a more open source life.

Open Formats for the City of Denver

In other news, I complained to the city of Denver that their invitations to bid should be in a more readable format than .doc such as PDF or RTF. The webmaster was apparently as surprised as I was that someone in a department was posting docs to the site because the webmaster asked that the docs be removed quickly for fear of tampering and spreading viruses. The departmental person in charge of posting changed them all to PDFs within a few days. Documents by Default in Drupal

In other news, Drupal has been allowing Oasis document formats in Drupal since 5.0 (due to this patch I made which allowed those by default).

The evil empire's grip is slipping with each year. Open formats are the future, people. The future.

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