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Shipping software

So this guy Mark Lucovsky wrote an article about delivering software. It's interesting to me since I've recently moved in the role of QA/CM - and it's an area where I'm learning a lot. I'm not sure about his points as it relates to enterprise level server software - but it's definitely reasonable to point out and complain about fixed code sitting in a code repository system for years before it gets deployed to a customer who can actually benefit from it. And that's a shame. Sometimes we fix things and deploy them immediately. Somtimes they sit around for a long time. The stuff that sits around is more likely to get a "poke it un unexpected ways" QA because it's getting tested longer, the high priority stuff is more likely to get an immediate and highly focused "known happy paths" kind of QA because it's got to go now and that's the easiest to do.

Anyway - here's the article.

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