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Spambulance Chaser

I want a personal injury lawyer for spam. For a variety of reasons I have to keep various email addresses that I use public. Some of these are used for work related to my neighborhood in Denver. We consistently get spam on those addresses from all sorts of places, and yeah, I want to sue those folks. But that's pretty hard. They hide and do all sorts of shady stuff that would prevent finding them.

But we also get SPAM from a variety of local businesses who think that we should forward their advertising for free to our members. No thanks. And while we're at it, why don't we sue you for sending us your unsolicited commercial email. We run on a budget of a couple thousand dollars a year - through various fund-raisers and donations we make it to that number, but if we could get income from spam lawsuits instead then that's even better.

My question is - where do I find a lawyer to take this case. I obviously don't want to pay them, but have them on retainer. Lots of people use "Ambulance Chaser" as a derogatory term, but personal injury lawyers provide a bit of value in the world by keeping companies in line - making sure that we're all safe.

And it's that last part, the "keeping us safe with the threat of a lawsuit" that I think we should bring to the world of spam. So, where are the Spambulance Chasers?

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more on spambulance chasing

I got this message recently that seemed like spam, but it was from a real human to a work address that I don't give out very much. I wrote back and said "I'm very interested...blah blah...have we met...and if we haven't met how did you get my contact information".

Here is his response:

Targeted email outreach is central to our marketing efforts. I came
across {your company} on a directory that listed companies providing
services to non profit organizations. I went to your web site to
confirm that you do web application development and then got your name
and that of your colleagues listed as management. I further Googled
around to find an email for someone at {your company} and then extended
that address format to the appropriate people, like you, that I
thought might have interest in what we do.

Um. That's called "email address harvesting" and also "spam".

So, in this case I have the real name/address of the salesman at a real company. Any spambulance chasers want to take him down?