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The Best File Compression Programs

BZIP2 and
7zip are the best compression tools.

Versions to use: 7zip-4.15 release :: bzip2 whatever Cygwin provides.

7zip provides a reasonable user interface, can handle many popular formats and zips smaller and faster than most anything else.

However, when you're on a unix/linux machine or if you are using Cygwin and want to do a bunch of programs in a directory, there's nothing like using "bzip2 -9 *" to get your files tiny quickly, though BZIP2 doesn't have a gui...

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I agree nanozip is the best

I agree nanozip is the best time and convertion ratio and even efficiency is better. My recommendation is Nanozip.


I think nanozip.
But it takes so much time to extract and compress.
I commpressed deus ex.
Winrar:427 mb
Nanozip exe: 307
Nanozip exe compressed in winrar: 307

Nanozip compresses it so much that winrar cant even compress it.