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Unlocked GSM Cell Phone - running Linux, for less than an iPhone

So, when I saw the iPhone I got all excited and wanted to have one. Then I learned it would be locked down to Cingular's network. That won't work. I'm going to Argentina/Chile/Uruguay for about a year leaving in September of this year. So, if I get a new phone it had better work in Argentina.

Then, a few days later I read about the OpenMoko on Doug Turners site which I get as a result of having Planet Mozilla in my feed reader.

Now, I read the OpenMoko timeline. They're going to start selling the thing March 11th. Yeah, March 11th of 2007. I know, crazy! Before the iPhone! Before Cisco and Apple even have to figure out what they're going to do with their stupid trademark problems, OpenMoko will already be out there!

The thing has MicroSD Flash memory (up to 2GB currently) so I imagine that it will work as an MP3 player for those who want a 2GB mp3 player.

Man oh man, I can't wait for this thing!

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