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denver postgresql training

I recently attended a training that Kevin Kempter hosted. It was a really great two night session aimed at experienced DBAs/Developers so that they could learn PostgreSQL. Kevin has a lot of experience with postgres and wanted to help share that experience with other folks. He's finding a growing need for PgSQL developers in the Denver area and wants to build up a user group and network here so that companies deciding whether to use PostgreSQL or not will see an available local talent pool here in Colorado.

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Great quotes from Drupalcon day 1

So, I'm writing from Drupalcon Is Drupal an Enterprise Solution? which is an interesting and awesome presentation.

Web application security

Secondly, Rasmus this morning had some great quotes this morning. jeff captured one that I really liked:

When I'm surfing around to find hackable sites, I love to find hand-rolled CMS systems. I know I can hack them in a heartbeat. If I see a site is running on Drupal, or Joomla!, or another CMS? I know there may be a hole, but as soon as they fix that hole, everyone using them is safe.

But there was another fun one from Rasmus. He was talking about his XSS XSRF scanner and how about half of the major banks that he scanned with it had major security problems. He wanted to release his tool as an open source tool, but was concerned about the frequency of the bugs it found and how many companies would be exposed overnight with problems that would ruin their banks/customers. That would be sad. So, as he discussed this he was like "yeah it would be nice to release to the world because it works pretty well but..."

"I didn't want to be the guy that released the tool that broke the whole web."

Yeah. I think we all agree that we don't want to be "that guy."

Open Source in the "enteprise"

Someone from the audience (who works for the US government) dropped this quote:

"build" vs. "buy" vs "assemble and extend"

That's really valid and I hadn't heard it before. "build vs. buy" we're all familiar with. But where does open source fit into that equation?

Getting More Folks to Adopt Drupal

Final quote I just heard was in response to the question of how do we get everyone to drink the Drupal "Kool-Aid"?

Chant! Chant! Drink! Die!

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how to think like a programmer if all you know is cooking

So, not many people understand programming. Here's a funny/interesting way to describe programming in terms of cooking. I like it.

Similarly, I once heard an analogy about asking a software engineer to build a bridge from San Francisco to Hawaii. A software engineer would say "no problem" and then do:

while (notInHawaii) {

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Photos from Bachelor's Weekend in New York

This past weekend I went to New York for a bachelor's weekend for my friend Marty. We're all hip progressive guys but we're still men so on Saturday night we went to a strip club:

(photos after the break)

Just kidding. But we did go to Smoke in Harlem where we got a photo of Marty and "Dr. Lonnie Smith".

Also, my friend the "blogged" about it on his non blog. Looks a lot like blogging to me. Welcome, to 2003, T.

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January Drupal Download Statistics

Well, after looking at Octobers drupal download data and then losing the data for November and December due to unintended consequences of some configuration is January's data:

Most Popular Modules for January - Overall

These are the most popular across all versions of drupal (e.g. aggregated 4.6, 4.7, and 5.x versions together) so it's somewhat unfairly weighted to the old modules.

Much like previous months - people love images and wysiwyg (images being gallery/image/imce and wysiwyg being imce/tinymce/fckeditor).

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