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Google Reader now Searches - I'm a Genious!

According to their blog, Google Reader now searches. Brilliant idea!

Note that I had this idea almost a year ago (my post on searching google reader). More great tips are available for a variety of companies on the old freedbacking link. Ideas like improvements for Google Documents for example.

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Laptop Sleeve for 17" Dell Inspiron E1705 and 9400/9300

I wanted a sleeve for my Dell Inspiron E1705 (which is basically the same machine as the Inspiron 9300/9400) but couldn't find many good reviews online. Some said it would fit in XYZ sleeve and others would say it wouldn't fit in the same sleeve. So, I traveled to a few local computer supply shops and found several things. First, OfficeMax/OfficeDepot suck for laptop sleeves. They have lots of briefcases.

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MySQL - Drop all Tables in a Database Using a Single Command Line Command

Let's say you need to drop all tables in a mysql database. How do you do that?

You could use a gui, but that's not fun.

You're a shell jockey so you want a commandline:

 mysql -u uname dbname -e "show tables" | grep -v Tables_in | grep -v "+" | \
gawk '{print "drop table " $1 ";"}' | mysql -u uname dbname

(that's all one line, but if I do it as a line then it screws up my theme - go figure).

This assumes that you are running in passwordless mode. See "man mysql" for tips on how to pass in passwords in another manner.

What this does is

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