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Health Care Choices for Web Developers

I'm taking the a list apart 2008 survey of web folks and got to a question about where do I get my health-care.

For the record, I have a high deductible plan through Anthem and an HSA account through 1st Bank (Colorado bank...) and I love it.

So, apparently you can get health care from a lot of places, but you can't get health care from a health care company. And we wonder why health care is so bad in America...the feedback loop is how big these days? Bad feedback loop! Feedback loop goes to it's room without dinner until it can learn to be smaller!



health care

Our insurer is Rocky Mountain Health Plans( we're really happy with it - it's local (Rocky Mountain) and I think it's a non-profit (.org); i think we got an HSA that covers all three of us with a $2,000 deductable for $250/mo., which is not much more than we were paying Anthem for 2 of us and a $10,000 deductable. Check it out