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About the Knaddisons - Spanish Teacher, Drupal Consultant

Nikki and Greg live in the beautiful Baker Neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

About Nikki - Spanish Teacher, Lover of Spanish Culture

Nikki graduated college with a degree in Politics and a minor in Spanish and planned to change the world through social work. She worked for several non-profits in Denver, often with Spanish-speaking populations which let her use her Spanish on a day to day basis. After a few years and not much fulfillment she decided to switch careers and found a company becoming a Spanish teacher at the Denver Spanish House.

Nikki is on Linkedin.

About Greg - Drupal Consultant, Trainer, "Geek"

Greg loves building things (and breaking them apart and putting them together again). He's done a lot of jobs, but they basically all can be defined as "solving technology problems." He loves building websites and has founded his own company Growing Venture Solutions to focus on consulting and training in the Open Source software platform Drupal.

Greg is on Twitter and LinkedIn and uses Flickr sometimes.

Want to contact us? If it's about our work then use our work websites. If it's to contact us, contact us.

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family reunion

My Auunt Virginia asked me to look for info re: your grandfather. As I siit here with the Kneser family tree in front of me, I think that it would be wonderful if the Kneser klan could hold 1 more family reunion. Perhaps, if we get enough interested people, possisibilities could become realties.


We must be related. I feel out of touch with Barbara and Virginia. I am sorry I missed the picnic in July!
Please ask Barb and Virginia to contact me. My dad was born in 1924 to Clara Stadtler; Virginia told Barb they called him "Whitey" because of his white-blond hair. THANKS!

Angies list review

I agreee with you comments on how Angie's List boils down the $ they can make. The only place I found that you cannot write bad reviews against your competitiors or good reveiws for yourself is the BBB. Google is terrible, City scape, Kudzu, etc. all allow anyone to write anything they want against any company without proving any of it. and it is almost impossible to remove and you cannot be unlisted even if your not a paying coustomer bad false reviews stay. and so does the Contractor who never asked to be listed.

Hi Knaddison,I am a graduate

Hi Knaddison,
I am a graduate student from Auburn University, USA and do a survey on cross site scripting vulnerability. I found you detect the vulnerabilities together, but I can't find your email address. Can I get your email address? Thank you.

My email address:

Best regards,
Auburn University