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Capital Tea Opens at 1450 S. Broadway

A friend of a friend of mine just opened a Tea shop at 1450 S. Broadway in Denver called "Capital Tea". If the drinks are as good as the name then it should be great.

Also, I'm really amazed at this section of Broadway. It's long been "antique row" with Denver's largest assortment of Antique Stores, but now we get Pasquini's italian restaurant and Divino Wine and Spirits which has delicious wines AND super tasty beers. Sidebar: it was at Divinos that I first had a 120 minute IPA from Dogfish Head Brewery YUMMM!

Perhaps this is the result of the future Cherokee Denver and Lionstone Group developments on the old Gates site. Perhaps it's something that Platte Park has had coming for a long time. Either way, I'm just psyched to have these things near my neighborhood.

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I just had tea at Capital

I just had tea at Capital Tea this morning and it was very good. I got an iced green tea with with a fruit (tangerine?) and it was delicious. While I was in there they were cooking some bread that smelled delicious.