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Matt Cutts - the unGoogle Google Employee

Lots of people love to talk about the secrecy Google maintains. They are frequently used in examples alongside of Apple about how secretive the two companies are. So, two recent developments are pretty interesting to me:

  1. Improvements to Google Sitemaps that really let you see what traffic you are getting from Google and various different statistics from the inside.
  2. Matt Cutts personal blog

After Google fired an employee based upon his outing too much internal information in his blog it's odd to see Matt talking about something as controversial as

  1. ongoing legislation
  2. involving slander
  3. potentially involving his company
  4. and now, potentially involving imself

I guess that he just went down the road of "a court case will bring subpeonas, subpeonas will reveal the information, court cases are expensive, if I can reveal this information now that would eventually become public and at the same time save a lot of money I should do it" but man that's one heck of a road to head down.

That said, I read Matt's blog (all of it, not just the Search Engine stuff) and it's interesting and has been professionally enlightening.

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