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Hiring from Denver Coding Bootcamps - 2019

I've had some friends and acquaintances inquire about the idea of "code bootcamps" in Denver. I'm vaguely aware of them, but haven't really looked at them too closely. I've had some great experiences working with graduates of a bootcamp program in LA and wanted to review the Denver options to see what's available and how to hire from them.

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Bike Paths, Plans, and metrics, for Englewood, Colorado

I like to bike for my errands and recreation, so I've thought a bit about how to best get around the Englewood area. I've been thinking about what routes are the best using these criteria:

  • Connecting destinations (schools, retail, transit hubs)
  • Crossing major car-oriented streets at safe locations (e.g. crossing Broadway on Dartmouth is easier than on Eastman)
  • Minimized interaction with cars (e.g. biking on Dartmouth is generally better than Hampden)

I was pleasantly surprised today to find some maps and plans from the city of Englewood:

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Where can you get worm castings in Denver?

As a gardener in Denver I've heard of worm castings as a potential soil supplement/fertilizer before. I've been composting with a traditional aerobic/thermophilic system for a while. The research I've done recently is that worm castings or vermicompost is a much better fertilizer than traditional compost:

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Lightweight Disaster Recovery Simulation: Dungeons and Dragons style

Disasters happen. When they do, are you ready to handle it with grace? In general people get good at handling events that they experience regularly, but high-risk disasters are managed so they don't happen often. It's not every day that power goes out at the primary data center, but when it does you want to be sure that your auto-fail-over actually works. You want to be sure your backups actually work.However, testing disaster preparedness often takes too much time time and creates little organizational value.

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Drupalcamp Colorado 2014 Preview: Large Scale Drupal

This year, Drupalcamp Colorado is taking on the topic of "Large Scale Drupal" - a phrase that was popularized by Dries Buytaert. We're taking that phrase and using it in a generic sense to help set a focus for our event.

Matthew Saunders wrote a great overview of the camp, so if you're interested and need more convincing to come, read that. This is an update on our tracks and some great sessions that have been accepted already.

Tracks and session submission requests

We're taking that theme as inspiration for our sessions which will be across 4 tracks:

  • Business and Open Source
  • DevOps
  • Commerce
  • Design and Front End
  • Development and Site Building

Today we are excited to announce the first 9 sessions that have been selected. Session Submission is still open until July 11th. We've currently got too many sessions in /Development and Site Building/ and not enough sessions in the other categories. So...if you have something to say in those other areas, please submit a session (note, you have to login first, and you should register too).

First sessions that have been accepted:

There are some sessions we know we're going to accept because they come from great presenters on popular topics that match our theme. Below are the 9 sessions we knew we could accept now.



  • Solution architecture: designing a strategy for project success by Diana Dupuis, Amazing CEO of Amazee Labs in the USA
  • Data Analytics and the Day After by Ron Lin, CTO and Co-Founder of
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