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Greenwood Village Colorado - Indemnifying Police Officers against SB 217

Colorado recently passed SB-20-217 Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity to attempt to improve policing in the state. It makes a variety of policy changes. It was passed on June 19th and Signed on June 19th 2020. It will be enforced starting July 1, 2023 which gives police departments time to adjust their budgets and operations to address the new rules.

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Colorado flowers that bees like best

These flowers were suggested by Denver Botanic Gardens as varieties that do well in Colorado and create blooms all year long to help pollinators. They were selected by monitoring for which varieties bees are particularly drawn to. I searched and found the local Rocky Mountain companies Botanical Interests and High Country Gardens sells seeds for many of them.

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Drupalcamp Colorado 2014 Preview: Large Scale Drupal

This year, Drupalcamp Colorado is taking on the topic of "Large Scale Drupal" - a phrase that was popularized by Dries Buytaert. We're taking that phrase and using it in a generic sense to help set a focus for our event.

Matthew Saunders wrote a great overview of the camp, so if you're interested and need more convincing to come, read that. This is an update on our tracks and some great sessions that have been accepted already.

Tracks and session submission requests

We're taking that theme as inspiration for our sessions which will be across 4 tracks:

  • Business and Open Source
  • DevOps
  • Commerce
  • Design and Front End
  • Development and Site Building

Today we are excited to announce the first 9 sessions that have been selected. Session Submission is still open until July 11th. We've currently got too many sessions in /Development and Site Building/ and not enough sessions in the other categories. So...if you have something to say in those other areas, please submit a session (note, you have to login first, and you should register too).

First sessions that have been accepted:

There are some sessions we know we're going to accept because they come from great presenters on popular topics that match our theme. Below are the 9 sessions we knew we could accept now.



  • Solution architecture: designing a strategy for project success by Diana Dupuis, Amazing CEO of Amazee Labs in the USA
  • Data Analytics and the Day After by Ron Lin, CTO and Co-Founder of
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    The History of Drupalcamp Colorado

    • In July 2007 we had a Drupalcamp at an office in Boulder (photo) with about 15 people. This was intended to cover more advanced topics than we got into at a normal meetup.
    • In November of 2007 there was a last minute camp that turned into an issue queue tutorial led by ajk.
    • In 2008 the camp grew to about 100 people at Denver Open Media's facility on Santa Fe
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    Ice Cream Denver: Menus, Photos, Reviews, Locations

    I haven't written nearly as much on this site in the last year or two in part because I "blog" less and in part because I'm just doing it in more specialized places. I realized that by writing about all sorts of different things on I was creating 1 site with no focus when instead I could create 12 sites each with singular focus. The latter form is, of course, more useful to readers.

    Here's an introduction for one site Nikki and I have been working on that we really enjoy: Ice Cream Denver.

    Denver Ice Cream Review & Photo blog

    Nikki loves Ice Cream. I don't mind it ;) And especially with our little daughter we were looking for a new project that would be a fun weekend errand. We started the site in September of 2010 and immediately posted a bunch of store locations. Shortly after we started posting photos of the various shops.

    A few of my favorites:

    Chalk Board Menus

    Chalk board menus are common in the restaurant industry and definitely deliver a cutesy feeling at ice cream shops. For liks south it's painted on and cutesy, but not so practical (in spite of their hundreds of flavors). At sweet action it seems purely practical: they are often adding and removing items from their menu. Menus are a popular item on the site, so popular I created a listing page.

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    IKEA Denver opening July 27 2011! (Ok, it's Centennial Colorado which is close to Denver)

    And not a day too soon. Holy cow, after literally years of waiting and begging the IKEA in South Denver is finally opening on July 27th. I predict massive traffic jams. I plan to go there and sell tiny meatballs with tiny swedish flags in them accompanied by iced-lingonberry-juice-like-beverage.

    Map of US with colorado flag over colorado-ish

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    Drupal Security Report: Connect with Fans, Reason to Sponsor

    Recently our company worked with partners and sponsors to create a thoroughly researched, high quality document about the state of security in the open source Drupal project. You can download the report from, but right now I want to talk about the motivations, the audience, and the funding model behind the report because we feel that we've solved a tricky problem: funding expensive work in an easily copied medium (PDF downloads).

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