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The History of Drupalcamp Colorado

  • In July 2007 we had a Drupalcamp at an office in Boulder (photo) with about 15 people. This was intended to cover more advanced topics than we got into at a normal meetup.
  • In November of 2007 there was a last minute camp that turned into an issue queue tutorial led by ajk.
  • In 2008 the camp grew to about 100 people at Denver Open Media's facility on Santa Fe
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How to write an email to piss off your developer

I'm writing this so other developers can share in the laughter (ha!) and designers/managers can learn.

I've seen this a few times. It feels like there's a mad-libs form that designers/managers use to communicate things in a software project.


$normal_behavior_of_our_product_for_the_past_year, $insulting_phrase, $client_need_never_mentioned_before_this_month, $high_stress!!!!!


So, an example letter:


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Lillys Table: Delicious Meal Planning/Recipe Site

Every Christmas we wonder "what do we get for people." For a lot of our friends and family the answer is really hard: We may know their interests but not well enough to have meaningful suggestions. Ultimately, though, we feel like we want to give people more time and maybe a little motivation. Time is the one thing that we all need more of.

Fortunately there is a way to do that this year that is compatible with last minute shopping: Gift Certificates to Lilly's Table.

Lilly's Table: Cook seasonally. Eat consciously. Live well.

For about 2 months now we've been using Lilly's Table to help us plan our meals. Every Sunday we wake up, open our computer, and look at what new items Lilly has sent us. The week's recipes are always seasonal and delicious. The interface shows us general nutrition information and some data on how long it will take to make the item.

The weekly menu has an introductory description from Lilly that gets you excited to make the dishes. You read about ingredients that are in season, which meals should come first or second to take advantage of leftover ingredients, and general foody advice.

We go through looking at the recipes and the beautiful accompanying photos and pick out the items we want. At the top of each recipe are buttons to "add to shopping list" and "add/remove from my recipe book"

On the bottom right of the recipe is a spot to indicate things we've made and provide our own notes.

The recipes are mostly private to paying site members and it costs $12 per month.

Why pay when recipes are free on the internet?

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Reclaimed wood planters, benches, in Denver

A coworker of mine purchased some reclaimed wood planters for his backyard that were really beautiful. They come from Denver local Randy Rushton who is working in the River North neighborhood to create some really pretty items.

See more at

Take a look at this reclaimed fence-post room divider.

Beautiful and very creative!

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Sweet Potato Swedish Pancackes - the BEST!

We like Swedish pancakes, we like sweet potatos. Why not put them together?

Sweet Potato Pancakes in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: make mashed sweet potatos.

Step 2: begin to make swedish pancakes but reduce the recipe by a little bit of flour and instead use the leftovers from your mashed sweet potatoes.


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