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The History of Drupalcamp Colorado

  • In July 2007 we had a Drupalcamp at an office in Boulder (photo) with about 15 people. This was intended to cover more advanced topics than we got into at a normal meetup.
  • In November of 2007 there was a last minute camp that turned into an issue queue tutorial led by ajk.
  • In 2008 the camp grew to about 100 people at Denver Open Media's facility on Santa Fe
  • In 2009 the camp grew to over 200 people at the DPPA events center and was also an "ubercamp"
  • The 2010 event was over 300 people at the Auraria Higher Event Center and we even archived the website
  • The 2011 event was over 420 registrants again at AHEC and, again, we archived the camp site
  • In 2012 Drupalcon Denver took the place of the normal event, but some folks actually went camping
  • For 2013, Drupalcamp Colorado is happening again

7 years of events. Amazeballs.

In the closing session of Drupalcamp 2011 I included some photos and stats about signups at camps over the years.

People Involved: