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Sara Gallegos - Silly Ditties for Kiddies from a Denver Teacher

CD Cover for silly ditties for kiddies

This past weekend I spent a bit of time helping a good friend set up a new site: Silly Ditties For Kiddies.

Sara Gallegos - Teacher, Musician, Entreprenuer

Sara and I worked together almost 10 years ago. While the jobs have long ended, our friendship has remained. She decided to leave the technology consulting field and become a teacher. She also started playing music again (having played flute in high school) and incorporated singing and music into her classroom. She created her own songs to help teach the various concepts in the classroom and it seemed to really help her students learn the concepts.

Silly Ditties for Kiddies - CDs available now

After a few years of using these songs in the classroom and building a big group of well polished songs, Sara sat down with some professional musicians (and friends who aspire to be professional musicians) and recorded the best songs she has for her students. She is now selling them on her website.

About The E-Commerce System: Ubercart and Drupal

Sara and I spent a few hours working together on a weekend morning and built the whole site. We used Ubercart which is built on the Open Source platform Drupal which is the system I use for work. It was really fun to build a simple site like this for a friend when I spend most of my time working on big sites for people far away (not that those aren't fun too...but...variety is nice).

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My wife is going to love this

My wife is going to love this site. : ) She's teaches choir and a thoroughly "musicked" pre-school at a classical school here in town. I dig the theme job on the site and was wondering if Sara is planning on listing the track titles.

Sounds good. I'll let her

Sounds good. I'll let her know. Her choirs are 5th grade and up, but I'm sure she would hold a copy for when our kids come of age. She's always trying to get the other teachers to incorporate more music into the lessons as well. : )

nice cd.

I think this could really help kids learn better, nice work on the cd i hope it makes it big so everyone can benefit.

nice article.

i think that cd is great, we need more stuff like it in our schools and homes. Keep it coming, i would like to hear more about it. I hope sara keeps putting out more.


cool cds.. my neices would love this... thanks for the information. :)

Sooooo CUTE

I like the CD cover. I hope I can have a copy of that for my kids.:->