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Matching accented letters and other fun stuff in PHP regular expressions like preg_match

I recently had to validate that input text included only letters, apostrophes and spaces including various accented characters. This was surprisingly tough for me to figure out in PHP.

Some good resources:

Ultimately what worked for me:

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Ice Cream Denver: Menus, Photos, Reviews, Locations

I haven't written nearly as much on this site in the last year or two in part because I "blog" less and in part because I'm just doing it in more specialized places. I realized that by writing about all sorts of different things on I was creating 1 site with no focus when instead I could create 12 sites each with singular focus. The latter form is, of course, more useful to readers.

Here's an introduction for one site Nikki and I have been working on that we really enjoy: Ice Cream Denver.

Denver Ice Cream Review & Photo blog

Nikki loves Ice Cream. I don't mind it ;) And especially with our little daughter we were looking for a new project that would be a fun weekend errand. We started the site in September of 2010 and immediately posted a bunch of store locations. Shortly after we started posting photos of the various shops.

A few of my favorites:

Chalk Board Menus

Chalk board menus are common in the restaurant industry and definitely deliver a cutesy feeling at ice cream shops. For liks south it's painted on and cutesy, but not so practical (in spite of their hundreds of flavors). At sweet action it seems purely practical: they are often adding and removing items from their menu. Menus are a popular item on the site, so popular I created a listing page.

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Drupal Security Report: Connect with Fans, Reason to Sponsor

Recently our company worked with partners and sponsors to create a thoroughly researched, high quality document about the state of security in the open source Drupal project. You can download the report from, but right now I want to talk about the motivations, the audience, and the funding model behind the report because we feel that we've solved a tricky problem: funding expensive work in an easily copied medium (PDF downloads).

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Unfinished Drupal Limerick

I was just cleaning out my computer and found this little Limerick:

Greg's Unifnished Drupal Limerick

There once was a CMS named Drupal
With code, the developers were frugal
It's only 2megs
Taxonomy means tags
I like to play the bugle

I think I wrote this 2 years ago.

As you can see, the last line is pretty weak. I think the basic flaw is that I ended the first line with Drupal and then had to try to rhyme something close to it which is kind of hard.

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DrupalCamp Colorado - 4 Days to Go - My Drupal Camp Phone

We're just a few days away from DrupalCamp Colorado 2008 and things are becoming more and more tangible by the minute. Just now I got a package in the mail at the new offices.

The stickers just happen to be 2"x4" which is exactly the right size to emblazon them on the back of your iPhone. Ever since lijit gave it to me my phone has rocked a lijit sticker:

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